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The Chocolate World

---{Chocolate Lover}---

saintaya ---{Chocolate Lover)---
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::Welcome to my Life::

A life where I live in the world that full with dreams and fantasy.


Hello there,

My name is Karen or you can call me Carmen or Aya or Saintaya. I'm a local girl whom born and grew up in Malaysia. Since now I am super lazy to make a profile, I'll just type a little bio about me here. As you can see, this journal is closed down for friends only. The topic inside contain craps, nonsense, doll photo spams and with some of my rant upon my life. But due to now a days I've been working from Monday to some alternate Saturday, I hardly had the time to update my journal nor spam picture. I am a BJD addict or a better way to describe me a collector. XD Other then BJD, I do collect other stuff such as cute plushies, pullip/Dal/Byul/Taeyang, some figures and artbooks. I AM A HUGE FAN on Rilakkuma. I love Rilakkuma a lot and almost most of my stuff has it face on it. xD

I love to take photographs. I love to photo shoot my dolls, my pet dog, my family and places I visited. My computer already full with all my pictures all this years I took. Other then my camera, my phone is my best mate cause I can abuse it by taking more photos. Other then photo shooting, I also like to day dream a lot and may be do some shitty sewing. I love to make plushies out of socks and currently I only had 3 of them.

Well that's all about me. Not exactly all but when you get to know me, you will know me more. ^_^

By the way, I've been stop using MSN for quite a while, so in case you guys wanna find me, try it in FB.




NOTE 1: DO NOT steal pictures from this site and claim it as yours! Ask my permission first before you would love to save it! Stealing is way no good! All pictures that I upload copyrighted by me!

NOTE 2: Story that I've write is just a story, it doesn't link to my real life unless I stated it means to real life! Story can be change anytime!

NOTE 3: Half of my Avatar saved from remmyxsiri. Please if you want to save some of the avatar, ask her permission first. ^_^ No stealing!! Stealing no good!

Thank you for the coorperation!


::My Fantasy::
Shinku Akimoto ~ DOD Tender Zen
ShinHwa Akimoto ~ DOD Tender Zen
Adora Sinclair ~ 57cm LimHwa Human
Shuya aka Winter Horarius ~ DOD Camine
Miya Akimoto ~ DOD Libra
Kong Jung-hee ~ Bluefairy Kyle
Kaito Tenji ~ Luts KDF Cherry boy
Elios Horarius ~ Volks YOSD Kuuta
Hei Yi Horarius ~ Volks YOSD Tinatsu
Candy Caramel ~ Puki Madeline
Kong Jung-min ~ Minoru World Ted
Shimeji Akimoto ~ DOD DOC Zen
Violet Horarius - CH Junior Yeondu
Kang Jung Min - Minoru World Ted
Sakana Shieru(Penny) - JID Tatiania
Sakana Shiemi(Sally) - JID Amy/sleeping Amy
Sakana Umi(小魚)/Xiao Yu - Oasisdoll Yaoyue
Kang Miju - MinoruWorld Leila
Tae Hyun - DOC Si
Raeka Horarius - Volks Ran

::My Waiting/Dreaming List::

BF Shiny Benjamin/May ~ Eldigger Horarius